A Book by Nick Gariaeff

The third edition of Discovering Bodie tells stories about a number of residents of the High Sierra ghost town of Bodie, California. Included are a selection of the author's black and white photographs of buidings or artifacts relating to the residents lives.

Original research using primary sources uncovered many surprising and long forgotten details about the residents.

Census, property, and tax records, newspaper articles, and stories from Bodieite decendents were used in the research for this book.

The story of Eli and Lottie Johl is an example of new revelations this book uncovers. Cecile Vargo, describes some of these in the October 2010 issue in her Explore Historic California series.

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Published 2015 by Nick Gariaeff, Gilroy, CA.
140 pages including many photographs.
8 1/2 inch square perfect bound
ISBN 978-0-9843634-2-1