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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any known errors in the book?
In the third edition it was stated that it was incorrect that Sarah Bodey was a seamstress. The 1860 census says that she was. However, many of the Poughkeepsie directories listed her as a nurse starting during the civil war.

In the first, second, and third editions it is stated that Henry and Lena had five children, all born in Bodie. There were seven children born in Bodie: Mabel, Maude, George (Elmer), Ivy, Henry (Harry), Leona, and Harlan. At the time of Henry's death there were five children still living.


In both the first and second editions,
the Eli Johl Chapter lists the date of the True Fissure article that reported the Belleville Hotel having been burnt down was September 10th, 1882. It was actually September 10th, 1881.

It has been pointed out that that there were so few firearms that fired metallic cartridges in 1859, that it is unlikely that spent casings were used to rivet W.S. Bodey's knife sheath. This will be corrected in the third edition. The newspaper quotation is that "The scabbard is evidently a home-made affair, fastened with bullet rivets." (Daily Bodie Standard 27 October 1879). Another article said the rivets were made out of lead.

Robert Conway was not a paid caretaker for Bodie.

The picture titled "Donnelly House" is the McDonald House.

Bodey's claim deeded to Sarah in Tuolumne County was Old Poverty Hill , not Old Lonley Hill




The chapter on Wakeman S. Bodey has a number of errors. See update for breaking news. The year of leaving Poughkeepsie according to the Poughkeepsie Daily Eagle was 1848 instead of 1849. The newspaper was wrong. The Matthew Vassar left in the fall of 1849 and arrived in San Francisco in June of 1850.

Why is the book currently only available through Bodie?
The author prefers the markup on the book goes to a good cause. It will be going through new editions and short printing runs. When the conents of the book is settled, other outlets will be considered.
Who owned the 1937 Chevrolet on the cover of the book?
I wish I knew. Hopefuly someone will contact me with the answer.
When will the next edition come out??
When the spirits move me to finish. Hopefully before May 13th, 2014 - W. S. Bodey's 200th birthday.
Was Nancy Swearengen, Lottie Johl's mother, related to Al Swearengen, the pimp of Deadwood?
I was not able to determine the relationship, but they are from the same place. My guess is they were cousins.


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